Using AES Crypt on Mac

The Mac version of AES Crypt offers a simple to use drag and drop GUI to enable you to securely encrypt and decrypt files on your Mac. Below is a screen shot of what it looks like:

An inportant note is that the GUI applicaton is actually a script that executes the command-line version created for the Mac. To install the GUI application, just Click on the 'AESCrypt' package and follow the prompts. The best way to use the tool is to drag the AESCrypt application to the Dock and drop files to be encrypted on it. To decrypt, find the file in the same directory where the original file was located, which will have an AESCrypt Icon associated with it and double click it.

Command-Line Option

The Mac version of AES Crypt was created from the source code created for Linux. It works exactly like the Linux version. So, rather than repeating much or all of the same information, please refer to the Linux page for examples of how to use AES Crypt on the Mac.

For those who wish to compile your own binaries, all you need to do is install the Xcode development tools and type "make". Apple could not have made it any simpler.