Using AES Crypt for Java

This Java AES Crypt package contains the Java class es.vocali.util.AESCrypt, which provides file encryption and decryption using AES Crypt file format.

Versions 1 & 2 are supported both for reading and writing. Version 0 is not supported currently.


The Java AES Crypt package only works in Java 6, but can be easily adapted to Java 5 by replacing the call to NetworkInterface.getHardwareAddress() with something else.

In order to use 256 bit AES keys, you must download and install "Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files" from Oracle.

How to Use

Embedded in Java Project

See JavaDoc and typical use in AESCrypt.main() method. There are no dependencies other than Java 6 API.

From the Command Line

CLI Example

java -cp bin es.vocali.util.AESCrypt e|d password fromPath toPath

Operation mode is selected with (e)ncrypt or (d)ecrypt.